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Lisa Lefroy: Embracing life to the fullest



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Ironically, it was also the beginning of the end for her personal and professional relationship with Cedric. “At the start of this thing, I was feeling quite overwhelmed and was looking for help from my ‘business partner’,” she recounts. “So I went to Cedric and said: ‘Stop flapping your lips and help me.’ But he was too busy. So being the strong, independent-minded Canadian girl, I said: ‘Screw you, I’ll do it myself…”

She sighs. “We built a house together. Built a company together. It was probably too much too young....”

That said, she’s still very much involved in the event management business. “It’s so much work,” she says. “And surprises crop up all the time. But I love it. It’s like doing a performance. You rehearse and rehearse and rehearse. And then the curtain goes up and you’re on.” She giggles. “And that’s when the adrenalin kicks in. That’s when you realize just how much fun this business can really be.”

Not to mention the monetary rewards that can come of it. “The first year of the Panama event, I was able to pay off all my student loans,” she says. “After the second year, I was able to pay for a down payment on a house in Squamish.”

And that’s where she lives today — with her new boyfriend, up-and-coming extreme skier and professional engineer Joel Jacques (another homegrown Whistlerite). So why Squamish instead of Whistler? “We have an absolutely beautiful property — our house backs right onto the estuary. It’s incredibly peaceful, incredibly gorgeous. You know, for the price we paid here, we’d be living in a condo at Whistler. And I don’t want to live five feet from my neighbour…”

Besides, she feels like she’s outgrown Whistler. “I’ve embraced living in Squamish 300 times more than I thought I would,” she says. “The diversity of activities here is amazing. And having someone so special to share it with has been a great part of the next chapter of my life. For me right now, Squamish is a perfect fit!”