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Kathy Podborski: Keeping the home fires



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Which brings us to another topic she feels strongly about. “Whistler is an incredible community,” she says. “And Whistlerites are unbelievably passionate about their town. But it does have its challenges. This is a place where a lot of people come and go. But unless you’re going to stay and get involved in local issues, you have to be careful about how you complain. I mean, the full name of Whistler is the Resort Municipality of Whistler: it was conceived and built to host the world. So if you don’t like living in a tourist town, maybe you should consider moving to a quieter place...”

It’s a subject that both she and Steve heartily agree on. “Look — it’s very easy to criticize,” she says. “Anybody can do it. But complaints are not valid unless you can also come up with viable solutions. Sitting on the sidelines and whining about issues just doesn’t cut it.”

A pause. Another disarming Kathy smile. “It’s simple. If something bugs you, get involved. Don’t just stand there complaining — do something about it. After all, we’re still a very small community and we can use all the help we can get…”

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