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Pseudo single parenting at Whistler



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"I think the reason it seemed so crazy, other than the obvious of never getting a break or any real sleep, was that I was alone most of the time. I would worry that I would screw up somehow. You always hear on the news of some poor parent who turned their back only to discover that some terrible thing happened to their pride and joy. I don't know that things got easier as I went along but I was learning to cope better."

And now? What's life like with Rob at home and settling into his new job with the Whistler Ski Club? "The boys are older now - three and a half and five. They are bundles of energy and it takes every ounce I have every day but it is so much fun. They fill my life with joy, at times with frustration or anguish but all in all we have a lot of fun. I have a very close bond with my boys. I mean, you only get one shot at raising good children. I want to be sure that my boys grow up to be nice guys, keep their sense of humor and have the best lives possible. I am already so proud of them.

"Having children," she adds, "makes being a grown up more tolerable. I can't imagine what I'd be missing now without my little guys to show me the world through a fresh set of eyes. Everything is exciting and new. There is no end of adventures to be had. They are keen to learn and to explore. Without children, I think getting old would be pretty boring." Another happy bout of laughter.

"After all," she concludes, "having to be mature all the time is not nearly as much fun as playing pirates or building an elaborate set of train tracks..."



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