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Rob’s Rockettes: Trio of BC Women Could Relive Coach’s Whistler Success



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Price is an outside-the-box thinker, explains Boyd, but one who totally understand what’s going on inside the box. “What I love most about Matt,” he says, “is that he knows exactly what the competition is doing. But he’s not afraid to innovate. Basically, his attitude is: we don’t have to follow the Austrians or the French or the Americans, we can lead.” He smiles. “And he’s exceptionally good at what he does. He’s precise, to-the-point and brings a rigorous scientific approach that’s very welcome.”

From daily physical evaluation to regular psychological testing, from plotting small mood changes to red-flagging dramatic energy drops, Price has set up a very clear monitoring system that allow both athletes and coaches to fine-tune their preparation during the season in order to maximize performance on the days when it counts.

“ This year we’re prepared,” says Boyd. ”It doesn’t matter where. It doesn’t matter when. Come race day, we’re ready to go.”

Can’t wait to see what his gals can do on the new course…

Oh – and by the way: Happy 42nd Rob!

Rob’s notes: Ski Tech names are Pavel Zurek (does Kelly and Emily’s skis) and Stefano Macori (does Britt’s skis). They are definitely some unsung heroes of making these girls go fast!

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