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All I want for Christmas...

Members of the Whistler arts community sound off to Santa


"To see lineups down the street at the opening of every art event in Whistler, sold out performances and openings you can’t even get into. Oh, and Doti wants a new computer."

Kelly Clark

Whistler Arts Council

"For my hair to grow. Also to find a funny, beautiful, lovely and wealthy man willing to marry me, impregnate me with lots of wonderful children and who will build me my very own gargantuan film studio on the lake. And peace on earth. Is that asking too much?"

Angie Nolan

Filmmaker, Director of Short Skirt Theatre’s Sleeping Beauty Pantomime

"An original Rembrandt oil painting."

Ann-Marie Little

Owner, The Plaza Galleries

"Continued community engagement, full house events and a stocking stuffed with cash."

Dennis Marriott

General Manager, MY Millennium Place

"To raise the profile of literary artists in the corridor, provide Sea to Sky residents with quality literary events and create opportunities for resident writers to secure training and development locally, showcase their talents, and help them meet their individual goals as artists."

Stella Harvey

Whistler Writers Group

"A beautifully framed, photo-realistic depiction of a pair of deer drinking from a majestic mountain stream."

Scott Johnston