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All Candidates meeting Tuesday, May 3

The stage is set for the Whistler All-Candidates meeting on Tuesday, May 3, hosted by the Whistler Chamber of Commerce, Telus Whistler Conference Centre, and AVW-TELAV Audio Visual Solutions.


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The NDP haven’t had the best start to their campaign, with ghosts of their previous government, which was ousted by Campbell in 2001, following them to every campaign stop. In Campbell River to give a talk about restoring trades apprenticeship program funding, NDP leader Carole James was assailed by a group of 50 protesters representing fish farms. The NDP are opposed to the current practice of open net farming, and would like to see fish farming limited to closed systems.

The heaviest campaigning is going into about two dozen battleground ridings, where the Liberal Party and NDP are running neck and neck, and where voters have been known to change their minds from election to election.

Voters registering in record numbers

Elections B.C. has been successful in its latest voter drive, hoping to turn around declining voter participation since 1980.

In 2001, just 55 per cent of all eligible voters cast ballots, while almost a quarter of registered voters gave election night a pass. About 22 per cent of all eligible voters did not register or participate.

On Tuesday morning, more than 2.7 million people across B.C. had registered to vote. In 2001, just 1,599,765 votes were cast in total.

"This is a record. We have never had so many registered voters in British Columbia," Elections B.C. spokesperson Jennifer Miller told the CBC. "We have over 90 per cent of the eligible voters registered.

"So there’s still only approximately 300,000 voters that aren’t registered. And we’re feeling that this is very successful and that turnout will also go up."

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