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All ages event may be the first of many


What: All Ages Concert

Where: Myrtle Philip school

When: Saturday, March 29 from 8 p.m. to midnight

Some of Whistler’s hottest DJs, MCs and punk rockers have joined forces to play an all ages show this Saturday night at Myrtle Phillip Community School. The top notch local lineup came together for those fans who want an alternative to the bar scene or perhaps can’t get into the clubs just yet.

DJs Mat the Alien, Sage, Kilo Cee and Frank Spinatra will share the stage with hot emcees MK Ultra, Ty-C, JC and Breeze Minosis for a collision of cuts, breaks and verse worth visiting. Also on the bill are local punk rockers, TheNon, who have been blowing away audiences – and amps – with their high energy infectious set.

Tickets for the entire lineup are only $10. Concert promoter Brandon Cook from The Cause Promotions said: "There’s a huge group of young people in Whistler who don’t get to see these acts and it was about time they did, so this event is for them. If all goes well and the turnout is positive, then we hope this to be the first of many. Ideally we’d like to do one concert every month."

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