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Noble joins Pique staff Alix Noble has joined Pique Newsmagazine as a summer reporter. Although born up here in the frozen north, Alix has spent the past few years going to school at Brown University in Providence, RI, the only U.S. city to currently have a convicted felon as mayor. She’s put up with the requisite igloo/husky/do-you-know-Bob from-Canada? comments to get through three years of an anthropology degree, which could come in handy this summer when writing about the exotic rituals and customs of Whistler locals. After a summer observing tourists from the village info booth, and a few winters wiping noses at Kids Kamp, Alix looks forward to working in the Pique office, which she says is about 10 decibels quieter than the Beastie Boys-filled office of the student paper at school. The view is better too.