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AIDS kids

A new Whistler-based society, the West Coast Pediatric AIDS Society, is hoping to establish its first summer camp for children with AIDS this year, but has a wish list that needs to be filled to make the camp a reality. The WCPAS needs the use of a Macintosh computer for the month of April, office space and accommodation from April 1 to 30 for a camp director. WCPAS has contacted an American camp director who has been working with camps for children living with AIDS for several years. He has committed to spend April working with WCPAS to help establish the program. Volunteers and financial contributions are also needed. In British Columbia there are 258 registered cases of HIV-positive children under 19. Because HIV-positive children (and adults) often have no obvious symptoms and are not regularly screened for HIV, the true number of cases is believed to be dramatically higher. The West Coast Pediatric AIDS Society was founded in 1996 by individuals concerned about the plight of children affected by AIDS in Western Canada. The society’s services will be available to families and children in B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan. For more information contact Maxine Druker at 932-4829.