The world of aesthetics medicine is constantly changing. With innovation driving the medical world to better and more efficient practices, aesthetics is no exception. For Dr. Sarah Kennea, keeping up with new trends that fit with her holistic and natural approach is the focal point of her research and business, Whistler Medical Aesthetics.

"My passion is giving my patients very natural looking results so they can look the best version of themselves," Dr. Kennea said, "but my ethos is that they should look like they've had nothing done to themselves, they should just look like the best version they can be at whatever age they're at," she added, speaking to the negative light injectable aesthetics is sometimes portrayed in.

In fact, Dr. Kennea's research seeks to combat just that – disproportionate facial features and people looking like they have had a lot of work done. Rather, her training under one of the best and most reputable plastic surgeons in the world, Dr. Mauricio De Maio, focuses on how to treat the face intelligently.

"It's all based on how to treat the natural aging process and try to reverse some of those changes while achieving incredibly natural results," Dr. Kennea explained. One of Dr. De Maio's greatest contributions to aesthetic medicine is Allergan MD Codes, a map of the face that outlines a series of injection points for facial fillers. By using Allergan MD Codes, a revolutionary technique developed by the Brazilian plastic surgeon himself, aesthetic doctors like Dr. Kennea can address the cause of facial aging, not just the symptoms.

And the results? "They're literally amazing," Dr. Kennea said, adding that "he can inject people and they look as if they've had a facelift but he's just injected them for 45 minutes. Ten to 15 years younger in 45 minutes is just amazing."

Dr. Kennea is just one of a handful of doctors in the country who has been given a mentorship by Allergan, to perfect Dr. De Maio's MD Codes technique. Her reputation is growing rapidly, with people travelling not only up the Sea to Sky, but across the U.S. border from Washington state as well.

To learn more about Dr. Sarah Kennea visit, call 778-879-3619, or email You can also find Whistler Medical Aesthetics on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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