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Adventure Centre to host free climate change movies


If Ana Santos were an applause, the sound would probably be off. But you'd still be able to see her clapping.
That was the quality of her praise when she appeared before Squamish council this week. She was there to invite the community and its political representatives to a free movie series on climate change. But first, some tempered congratulations on the district's extended transit system and its general awareness of the issue.
"We still have a lot more to do, however," she said. "But this applies to the whole world, not just our community."
But the most effective starts are local. We Are All in the Melting Pot starts on February 2, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., at the Adventure Centre. Each subsequent Monday, the Centre will host another film, with a break on March 9 for the Wild at Art Festival.
The first couple weeks will be an introduction to the issue. The Truth About Climate Change , a documentary by David Attenborough, will be broken into two parts spanning those weeks.
Each week digs deeper into the problem, with some documentaries exploring success in sustainability in places like Bogotá, Columbia, or New York City. The last night, which is March 30, promises the screening of Climate Change and B.C. Like the series itself, it attempts to localize a global problem, to dismantle some of the daunting machinery that discourages people from change.
"Squamish can not and should not be left on the platform," said Santos. "The whole world needs to be on this train."