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Group provides a leg up The Alpine Access Ability group is holding a car wash, Saturday, May 16, but it's just the latest way to raise some funds to help give a leg up for disabled folks who want to go skiing. The group is three years old now. Last ski season they helped 300 people get up the mountain either by providing them with passes or equipment so being disabled doesn't mean giving up on activities. Although getting disabled people skiing is the group's primary activity, this summer the group will try to expand to offer access to golfing and mountain biking experiences, says group member Aaron Bond. He shows a picture of a mountain bike tweaked for a disabled person featuring four wheels, knobby tires and all. The group has been working hard at the Crab Shack this past week as the official charity for the Shack's Spring Music Festival, collecting money through donations and 50-50 draws. No one has been working harder than Bruce Lebans, who was recently awarded "volunteer of the year" by the B.C. Disabled Skiers Association. The Saturday car wash goes 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Crab Shack.

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