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Ab Fab likely to return in December


For those who are kicking themselves they missed out on seats to the sold-out performance of Absolutely Fabulous’ "Fat" last week, you can calm down. Chances are the production will return for a few more dates in December.

Fat’s director, Michele Bush, said she had the feeling friends and family of the cast and crew were responsible for the sudden snap-up of the last remaining tickets.

"The Whistler word had spread so it was like a big high school reunion. It was great to see so many people we knew in the crowd, but apologies to those who then missed out."

Freshly re-elected Mayor Hugh O'Reilly was there Sunday night and was delighted with the success of the show. He said Fat was exactly what MY Place was designed for, "bringing the community together." He encouraged more local groups to give it a go too.

The evening was a fundraising success. High school kids raised just over $600 for their graduation dance and the Library-Museum-Arts Council Capital Campaign scored a few hundred bucks from photos taken with the cast.

Bush wanted to give a big shout out to the cast, and crew: "especially Sally, Linda, Kristie, Darrell Palmer for his intro, MY Place and Billy and Gillie. Also to our audience for responding so well. We had fun and look forward to doing it again and again and again."