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A taste of ‘Electro soup’



Who: Vs. Zero and MC Flipside

Where: Maxx Fish

When: Wednesday, April 22

Mike Grefner has been on the local music scene for about three years, and is probably best known to Whistler's clubbing crowd as Puf the Majik DJ, Maxx Fish's Saturday night resident.

"He's a total sellout - plays top 40," Grefner said of Puf, with a laugh. "In fact, I've heard him play the Macarena before."

But this time around, Grefner is assuming his other alter ego - Vs. Zero - during what's sure to be an epic evening with Toronto-based MC Flipside at Maxx Fish on Wednesday, April 22. He'll be playing house and electro music, while Flipside hosts, occasionally jumping on the deck. Basically, the show promises to be an "all-out music fusion" of freestyle rapping, singing, beat juggling, turntablism, and more.

"It's just a fusion of just about every element you can imagine, from hip hop and electro and everything in between. Like electro soup," Grefner said.

Flipside has been busy taking the industry by storm. On top of his MC cred, he also produces and DJs - a true triple threat. He's had five number one hits on Beatport, plus a collaboration with Deadmau5, "My Friend."

"(Flipside) is an icon, he's been doing this for years," Grefner said, pointing out that he has new tracks coming out with Roger Sanchez. And electro icon Pete Tong recently said of Flipside, "he's taking the world by storm."

Flipside and Grefner are more than comfortable performing together.

"It's inspiration - there's no guesswork, we seem to communicate without words, we know when to jump in and jump out," Grefner said. "...When we get going together, he'll grab the mic and I'll do some scratching percussion, he'll be rapping to my scratching."

The pair headlined the Ministry of Sound's first Canadian tour last year, playing gigs all over Western Canada, though they didn't make it up to Whistler because it was the slow season.

"It was the first real attempt to push the Ministry brand forward in Canada," he said. "Obviously, because we couldn't do a date them, we kind of postponed it for this show, so this is basically the tail end of the tour, five or six months removed."

Now, Flipside and Vs. Zero are reuniting to give Whistler their first real taste of what the Ministry of Sound has to offer, complete with loads of swag for their music-loving audience.

"It's about putting Whistler and Ministry of Sound on the map together," he said. "It's ending the season with a bang and starting a new era with Ministry of Sound."

Tickets are $20 in advance at Hot Buns Bakery