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A slow cycle back to our roots

August bike ride to showcase Pemberton farms and slow food movement



Do you know where your food comes from? Two Pemberton residents are organizing an event to try to show people the answer to that question.

Anna Helmer and Lisa Richardson are organizing the Slow Food Cycle Sunday for Aug. 21 with the aim of showcasing Pemberton farms and showing people where their food really comes from. Richardson said that the main idea of the event is to help people, "…develop a sense of connection with the land where food is grown…"

Slow Food Cycle Sunday will be a free community bike ride down the Pemberton Valley visiting local farms. There will be opportunities to inspect and buy local produce and goods, as well as learn more about farmers in the Pemberton Valley.

"The idea is to showcase the local farmland up here and explain what’s going on because I think a lot of people are curious about it but unsure of what all those fields are doing," said Helmer.

The idea has met with good support from local farmers. They will set up stalls for the event to display their wares to the bike riders.

"The bottom line is to connect people with local farming and one way we’re going to do that is we’re going to have vendors on the side of the road," said Helmer. "There’s an organic garlic grower in the valley who’s going to set up and there are several bakers. There will be some blueberries and greens. Whatever’s in season on Aug. 21 will be out there…."

Helmer also said they’ve had a good response from possible participants. "We think it’s going to catch on pretty well. There’s been lots of buzz already. It just seems to hit a note with a lot of people. I’m really happy about that. It certainly hit a note with Lisa and I. As soon as we came up with the bare bones it was like, ‘Oh my God, this is wonderful! We have to do this!’"

Helmer and Richardson explained that bikers will ride up and down Pemberton Meadows Road at their own pace. The complete ride is 50 km in length and Helmer feels that although people need to be of a certain fitness level to make the ride, she thinks that it is still something that many should be able to accomplish.

"It can totally be done. You don’t need to be super fit to make 50 km in 6 hours. You can take it easy, stop for a cinnamon bun, stop for some nice spring water, some coffee, whatever," she explained. "You’re going to have a pretty good time, I reckon."