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A side of Brussels sprouts for Punk Night

Punk princess Lindsay Shedden doesn’t retire her crown
after all, but looks to a healthier future for Punk Night



By Nicole Fitzgerald

Who: Comeback Kid

When: Wednesday, April 18

Where: Garfinkel’s

Tickets: $10

Punk Night queen Lindsay Shedden wanted to bring Whistler’s ultimate anti-club night to a close after six years of devoting her Sunday nights to music.

The Whistler resident of more than a decade recently moved to the city, where she enrolled in a nutritionist program last month.

But Whistler wouldn’t be Whistler without its rebel night, carrying on the Boot Pub spirit.

Punk Night fans wouldn’t let Shedden retire, despite the recent announcement, so friends pitched in and under the guidance of Angry Scott, Punk Night carries on with Shedden producing from the Lower Mainland. And perhaps the night will be healthier for it — literally.

“I’ll be a registered holistic nutritionist,” Shedden said. “I want to compile a book and create a website to help bands eat better on the road. They really don’t have a lot of money; living off five bucks a day and free beer. By the time, they tour and make it to me, they are all sick. It seems all the bands I talk to would appreciate something like that. I can help them to figure out the cheapest and healthiest way to eat on the road.”

Frontman Andrew Neufeld of Comeback Kid, who touches down the band’s tour in Whistler Wednesday, April 18 at Garfinkel’s, said he would happily take some nutrition advice from Shedden. Cranking out high-energy shows, night after night, band members need more than just liquid energy.

A healthy choice for him these days is Subway and two months into Comeback Kid’s North American tour, following on a month-long European tour, all those free drinks are adding up, on his waistline.

“It’s all about the most fast food, then get to the show,” he said. “It’s really hard when you are on tour. You want to eat things that make you feel good. Right now I am looking at my belly and I’m thinking, ‘oh shit, how much can I put in this thing?’ Free drinks contribute to a lot of musician’s potbellies. I want (Lindsay) to give me a diet regime.”