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A ramble through northern Scotland and its history

When Bonnie Prince Charlie fled into exile he was the first of thousands who would later leave the Highlands



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Before leaving Skye ourselves we took one more tour. The Talisker Distillery, located on the shore of Loch Harport within sight of the Cullins, makes one of the best single malt whiskeys in Scotland and the tour includes a sample. We drank a toast to Charlie and Flora and to what might have been but for the vagaries of history.

(Bob, this is the inscription on the stone battle-marker at Culloden. You may or may not want to use it. I thought if we are shy on pictures a simple graphic with this inscription might work)

"The Battle of Culloden was fought on this mound 16 April 1746 – the graves of the gallant Highlanders who fought for Scotland and Prince Charlie are marked by the names of their clans."