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A new Rodin in Whistler

Local artist Michelle Yamamoto paints herself into a modern day Rodin for Self Portrait-Inner Landscapes exhibit at ARTrageous



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Three acrylic self portraits inspired by two of Rodin’s masterpieces, Eve and Fallen Caryatid, will be displayed at the Self Portrait exhibit.

Poetically, Yamamoto’s Fallen Caryatid portrait illustrates her own journey as an artist as well as the journey of the installment itself — the cajoling of a determined Whistler Arts Council member who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Writer Robert Heinlein’s story about Rodin’s Caryatid best narrates this journey: “She’s a symbol for every woman who ever shouldered a load too heavy,” he writes of the artwork. “But not women alone— this symbol means every man and woman who ever sweated out life in uncomplaining fortitude until they crumpled under their loads. It’s courage… and victory. Victory in defeat, there is none higher. She didn’t give up… she’s still trying to lift that stone after it has crushed her. She’s all the unsung heroes who couldn’t make it but never quit.”

Yamamoto is one of a dozen artists showcased at ARTrageous. Other artists displaying at the juried exhibition include Alexei Lopez Villasecam who paints in watercolours; Bernd Vey, who creates wood and metal sculptures; photographer Bruce Rowles; Daniel Poisson, who works in acrylic and spray paint; Jeff Heintzman, whose medium is pastels; Kate Dutton works in India ink and mixed media; Lauren Ritz, who uses enamel spray and ink; Maria Sadner works in mixed media; Natalia Vanessa creates with acrylic and pen; acrylics painter Vanessa Stark; and photographer Wim Tewinkel.

The evening will explode into colour and creativity with dance showcases, circus acts, live body painting, palm reading, physic readings, tarot cards, live music from Soulstream, self-portrait painting and numerous art stations including Adorn Yourself, The 2 Doors to Success, the Tickle Trunk Photo Studio and Fun House Mirrors.

In addition to this showcase of imaginations gone wild, ARTrageous also includes beer, wine and food tastings throughout the night.

All proceeds from the evening will benefit the local arts umbrella organization, which works to build and integrate the arts into the fabric of Whistler.

Tickets are $45 through whistler.com. However, if you buy your ticket from the Whistler Arts Council, the $45 ticket will include a free membership to the Whistler Arts Council (a $25 value), which entitles the holder to discounts at other council events. Tickets for existing Whistler Arts Council members are $25. To contact the Whistler Arts Council visit their offices behind Marketplace or call 604-938-9221.