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A music-making rest is coming for Stickybuds

Kelowna DJ performs at Tommy Africa's on Dec. 2



Whistler Junglists believe in budding artists.

And Kelowna DJ Stickybuds believes in the Whistler jungle.

It's a good match, with Stickybuds being a frequent visitor to the resort.

"I've been steadily on tour for about four years, it seems now. The last three-and-a-bit anyway," he says, laughing.

"This past summer it was festivals in Canada and right after Shambhala I went to Europe for five weeks. I toured a bunch of countries there and then came back and now I'm doing the North American winter tour that leads into my Australian and New Zealand summer tour, which I leave for at the end of December...

"I like playing my favourite good spots in Canada and a couple U.S. shows."

But before he gets on the plane he will headline the Junglists show at Tommy Africa's on Wednesday, Dec. 2.

It's interesting that a DJ with an international career remains in a smallish community, with smallish venues.

When asked if it's family and friends that keep him in the Okanagan, or if the music scene appeals most, Stickybuds says it's everything.

"It is small, which for me is great. I love being able to go anywhere I want in 15 minutes," he says.

"My family is here, I have tons of friends here and the music scene is great, there's a lot of support here and my friends and I have built a nice little thing here. I see the whole world and I love living in Kelowna. I love leaving every winter but I still love being here."

Last summer, Stickybuds released a remix of the Mighty Mocambos and Afrika Bambaataa, other songs called "Super Gravy" and "Good Vibes" are also recent releases.

It's not unlike contract work.

"Right now it's a case of trying to work when I can. I'm actually on the road so much now that it is actually hard to get new tunes done and get in that production zone," he says.

"But I am currently sitting in my new studio in Kelowna and I'm keeping it all tip-top and ready to rock, so when I get back from the Australian tour I can take time off and do a five-track EP."

Asked if it has been a while since he put out an EP like that, he laughs.

"I've never really put out an EP like that. When I started I did a four-track EP on a label called Ghetto Funk and I think that was 2010," Stickybuds says."I put out a lot of music but that's just singles."It's almost a case of wishing Stickybuds a little less popularity so he can get the work out.

"Now I have a pretty good career going I don't have to tour as much as I have been," he says.

"It's more beneficial for me to chill out a little bit and put out quality music."


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