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He hopes to have more information and some kind of program in place for guests by this winter, and to promote the program in the marketplace. He is the first to admit that his program is flawed – the fact that each of his units has a hot tub goes against the basics of energy and carbon conservation.

"Some people look at it as fluff, and to a degree they’re right," said Chelswick. "I’m the first to admit that it’s not a solution. But my purpose was to get people thinking about the carbon they are producing. This is just something to get people thinking."

Chelswick wants to share his template for more sustainable management with other property management companies in Whistler, including the Zero Net Carbon program.

"The problem with Whistler’s sustainability initiative is that right now there are no tools in the toolbox. I want to put some tools in there that people can apply to their businesses and their lives," said Chelswick.

"The real benefit of these programs I’ve adopted is education, especially when you look at our clientele. The CEO’s and business leaders that come to Whistler could learn something here that they could take back to their businesses. That’s the biggest thing that could happen.

"They could start thinking about the little things they could be doing, and then the big things, and that’s where the real change is going to happen. That’s why Whistler should go through this sustainability exercise. One CEO can have more effect that 50 protesters," he said.

You can learn more about AllSeason’s environmental programs at in the Links section.