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A little Geddyup for the ski season


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"Humm, I like it. Particularly if they had some of them at the bottom of lifts to unbuckle your boots as well. Hope you mentioned that angle. What else?"

"Personal shoppers."

"Come again."

"Guys," everyone’s a guy to J.J., "who’ll do your shopping for you while you ski. Especially at Christmas but even the rest of the year, people need to get souvenirs and gifts, so they’d do like a small questionnaire about who they needed a gift for and how much they wanted to spend and some guy would go around to the mountain’s shops and get stuff and bring it back to their hotel all wrapped up and cha-ching their credit card."

"The mind reels. What else."

"Ski dates. Like a computer dating thing for singles at the resort."

"Stop. I don’t even want to hear about that one. What else?"

"How about an oxygen bar at the Rendezvous and the Roundhouse?"

"The mountains aren’t that freakin’ high, J.J."

"So what. It’s very chic. Flavoured oxygen. It’s all the rage in New York and Tokyo."

"Tell me you’re kidding. Was there more."

"My personal favourite. Ski school for pets."


"Ski school for pets. Like, why should you just shove Fido or Fluffy in a kennel when you go on vacation? Don’tcha think they’d like the mountains too?"

"Oh God. There’s more, isn’t there?"


"Tell me later, man. I’ve got to get to the gym. See ya, J.J."

"Hey," he yelled after me, " Hey, I haven’t told you about the squeegee kids in the parking lot idea yet."