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A legendary start


Whistler band plays with the big boys

Who: The Antithesis

What: The Punk Night

Where: Boot Pub

When: Sunday, Jan. 25

Tickets: $10 - $12

Brand new Whistler band The Antithesis has had what many would consider to be a legendary start. Counting this week’s Punk Night, the threesome will have three shows to its name, and two of the three will have been alongside legends of Canadian punk rock – Victoria’s Day Glo Abortions on Jan. 4 and Vancouver’s D.O.A. this Sunday.

"We’re just super lucky," said singer/guitarist Jon Burr. "It’s a really weird way to start, having your first show be alongside guys that have been around for 20 years and stayed true to their roots. We’re just a bunch of chumps."

He’s speaking for drummer Shaun Gargan and co-guitarist Chris Wyniarsky. The band is so new they are currently playing without a bassist, but Burr says they’re not rushing things, feeling no need to force a conventional band lineup.

"We haven’t found anybody who really fits in yet," adds Burr. "So we write around the instruments we have."

What they’re writing is hard, punk-metal influenced by the trio’s wide range musical tastes, from At The Drive-In to Scandinavian black metal, and they’ve been writing furiously, trying to flesh out their set with more original tunes as the offers to play keep rolling in.

But while their show on Sunday is for the Punk Night, Burr says he wouldn’t necessarily categorize the band’s sound as purely punk.

"I just call it rock ’n’ roll," he states. "We just try and play hard and whatever comes out, comes out."

The Antithesis open for D.O.A. at this Sunday’s Punk Night, after D.O.A. frontman Joey Keithley’s spoken word reading from his recently published memoir I, Shithead . Call 604-932-3338 for information.