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A Jungle reggae revolution


What: Jungle ’n’ Breaks

Who: Ms. Revolution

Where: Garfinkel’s

When: Tuesday, Aug. 12

Coming from the nation’s capital, it’s no surprise a diva on the decks by the name of Jessica is a one woman revolution on the rise.

Inspired by old skool jungle reggae and dancehall, Jessica, a.k.a. Ms. Revolution, said it’s the music of resistance and the music of release.

Being involved in the activist community, it seemed only natural to her that she would use this type of music for the causes dear to her heart.

At a protest in Ottawa, she once hauled her sound system out in front of the corporate office she was trying to target to get her message to. Later that year, during the G-20 protests in November, she formed a part of the renegade sound crew. Driving around town in a van covered in graffiti, she started mini-parties in parking lots and on the Ottawa U campus, giving the protesters a rallying point and chill out zone.

Last summer, Jessica went up to the Yukon to play the summer solstice party, and went on to play Shambhala 2002 in Nelson. After that incredible experience, she high-tailed it back to Ontario, where her crew, Bass-is for Change, was busily organizing a festival called Flaps, a three-day, three-stage outdoor event where people could speak their mind and make things happen.

More recently, in her stint as a promoter, are the graffiti-inspired Beatz and Piecez parties. More than 30 artists have contributed over 500 pieces to these shows, featuring cutting edge hip hop breaks, drum and bass and dancehall.

These shows have provided a venue for urban artists to show their work and for both the crew and curious public to come together for a jam. Each of these parties has been a fundraiser for various artistic projects such as Coats of Paint (winter coats for homeless people) or the Piece Park (a mixed use art and recreational facility proposed for Ottawa’s tech wall downtown).

She’s making a special stop in Whistler just prior to her second stint at Shambhala 2003, due to kick off any day now.

Playing alongside Ms. Revolution at Garfinkel’s on Tuesday, Aug. 12 will be JnB residents Jungle Souldier and DJ Phroh. Doors open at 9 p.m.