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A hundred million reasons to party



Who: Treble Charger

Where: The Longhorn Saloon

When: Thursday, Dec. 12

So the snow isn’t starring and the workload is barely enough to break even, but there is one reason to dig yourself out of the doldrums, Treble Charger are coming to town.

Wanna feel a million bucks? Just crank that cracker of a song they have out, Hundred Million. You know the one, sounds a lot like Sum 41 (funny that, considering the Charger’s lead vocalist Greg Nori, is their manager).

The Toronto indie-cum-punk rockers have a new album out, DETOX. Consider it a cleansing experience, said bassist Rosie Martin.

"It’ll detox you from all that crap out there like the Britneys and the Backstreet Boys. Slip in our CD and your speakers will be saved," he promised.

The Toronto outfit’s second single, Believe It All, is doing quite nicely too, as a slower alternative to the belter first release.

Treble Charger are here as part of the Snow Scene Extreme Sport weekend and Martin’s hoping they’re playing indoors.

"I hate playing in the cold. Do you know how hard it is to play guitar when your fingers are snap frozen?"

But once I told him it’s not exactly blizzard conditions here, he cheered up. "Cool, I’ll bring my golf clubs."

Co-singer and guitarist Bill Priddle wants to ski, while Nori and drummer Trevor MacGregor are snowboarders. Martin however, just hot tubs.

So are the boys living the rock ’n’ roll dream playing all over the countryside in all the top resorts?

"If playing in a band, having people buy your album and turn up to your gigs is the dream then yeah sure, we are. Would we like to fill stadiums? Definitely, but at what level do you decide you’ve made it? I can’t use my name in a restaurant to get a free meal but I am getting paid to do a job that I love," said Martin.

You’d think the 10-year strong Treble Charger would feel a tinge of jealousy with the runaway success of their protégés, Sum-41, but it seems to be more a case of the old cliché "hindsight is a virtue" according to Martin.

"We don’t resent them for their early success but would we like it to happen to us? Sure. I can draw a lot of comparisons looking back. We started as a young punk rock band too but they took the rocket at the right time. I’m envious of that position I guess."

The Chargers don’t really need to worry though, they can pull a decent crowd and put on a top show to be proud of so get on down to the Longhorn and check them out. Tickets are $23. 604-938-2769.

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