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A heavy Weight

Misery Signals, Haste the Day and more travel across Canada with the Weight of the World Tour



What: Weight of the World Tour with Misery Signals, Haste the Day

When: Sunday, June 7

Where: Garfinkel’s

Cost: $10 in advance at www.clubzone.com/me/ciaconcerts

Misery Signals may be dubbed as "melodic metal," but if you're a true music lover you won't shy away from the hardcore genre.

Many of Misery Signals' die-hard fans are actually musicians themselves, and regardless of their allegiance to another genre they find themselves drawn to the group's technical skills, which are reflected in their odd time signatures and impressive riffs and breakdowns.

"People that are into our band are typically more musician types, to tell you the truth," said Stu Ross, one the guitar players. "Obviously, there's stuff that the average person grasps onto and can enjoy, but the compliments we get are from the more musically-inclined."

On Tuesday, the men of Misery Signals - Kyle Johnson on bass, Karl Schubach on vocals, Ryan Morgan on guitar, Branden Morgan on drums, and Ross on guitar - had just arrived in Kelowna after an epic 14-hour drive from Grand Prairie, Alberta the night before.

"When we got here, we discovered we had a broken lead spring on our trailer, which is a piece that holds that axle onto the trailer, basically," Ross said with a laugh.

They spent the evening hunting down parts for the trailer, and unloading their gear so the trailer could be repaired in time to make their next show in Vancouver on Wednesday night.

Which just goes to prove that the life of a musician isn't always glamorous.

The group is currently co-headlining their Canadian "Weight of the World Tour," which includes other bands with a similar heavy-hitting vibe like Haste the Day, Dead & Divine, Architects, and Sights & Sounds.

"We were planning to do a headliner no matter what this summer, and we wanted Architects to be a part of it because we've done a few tours with them this year already - they had us over in the UK and we just really got along really well," Ross explained.

So, they invited them to Canada for a tour, also enlisting some old friends, Sights & Sounds, who recently released a new record. And with that, a tour was born.

"It's really easy because a lot of us have all toured together already, so it's pretty comfortable," Ross added, "There was no point at the beginning of the tour where no one knows each other, we just jumped right into it."