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A few quickies with DnB duo Marcus Visionary and Jenna



Who: Marcus Visionary & Jenna Anderson

What: Jungle ’n’ Breaks

Where: Tommy Africa’s

When: Tuesday, April 15

Toronto’s king of drum ’n’ bass and jungle rhythms is coming back to Whistler after an epic first show not long back.

This time though, Visionary is bringing singing sensation Jenna with him, who’s just been signed to Paul Oakenfold’s label. Together with good friend and collaborator, Nemesis, they are releasing an album called Chemistry , which will be part of their blow-up set at Tommy’s Tuesday night. We caught them in the studio in the wee hours after midnight, when the rest of you were either asleep or out partying. Here’s the skinny:

Marcus Visionary

1. Why jungle music and why drum n bass?

MV: When I first started playing music in the ’80s it was hip hop then house then techno then hardcore, which spawned jungle around 91-92. I enjoy Jungle D&B because it’s a fusion of so many different styles of music.

2. What were those early raves like that you organized under the Delirium tag?

MV: I did about 30 events under the Delirium tag from ’92 to ’97. It was an exciting time because the music was new to everyone. The vibe at the parties were incredible! There was an energy then that was unique and different from today.

3. Describe what it’s like working with Nemesis and what you guys are doing at the moment?

MV: Dave and I have been working together for almost nine years developing our sound and our skills. He is one of the best producer/engineers I've ever met. Currently we're focussing on our album Chemistry with Jenna Andersen. We're also trying to keep the singles flowing for a variety of labels including: Flex, Hustlin Beats, On Point, Yard, Formation and soon we'll be starting our own label, called Theory recordings.

4. How does the Toronto dnb scene compare with say the Van and Whistler scene?

MV: Toronto has a rock solid foundation and a good size industry. Loads of DJs, MCs, producers and promoters. We have a solid structure that we've built over the last decade. I think that Van City has had a lot of ups and downs because the industry is not as big or consistent. I've only been to Whistler once and it was off the hook!


1. How did the Oakenfold deal come about?

J: It stemmed from a track I collaborated on named Invading Privately. It was on heavy radio rotation globally and we had been performing numerous live PA's here in Canada. The song got into Oakenfolds hands at the USA Miami Music Conference, the demo consisted of nine tracks and I was on only one of them. He tracked us down and decided that he would like to release the tune on Perfecto Records UK, as well as another track, Atmospheric.

2. Are you a vocalist by profession?

J: Music is my life. At the age of eight I started writing music. I began in drum ’n’ bass running various club nights, labels, 12-inch releases like Let Me Know and now our full-vocal LP Elements with now my nine-year partners DJs Slip N' Slide. I have been a part of Canada’s top DnB label, Vinyl Syndicate, since I was 14 years of age and now I am head of A&R and Business Development for the company. So yes, in answer to your question, I can say yes this is all I do and I couldn’t ask for a more rewarding life. I’m living my dream.