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Letters to the Editor for the week of March 15th, 2012

A dissenting view...


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The proposed huts system in Garibaldi Park is full of good intentions but lacks long sightedness, entertains permanent damage (through irreversible loss of this experience) and reduces personal safety. These all seem to be missing by a recent fire of activity to build, build, build. Buildings already exist throughout the south Coast Mountains! We don't need more at the expense of something so unique.

I suspect my voice will be seen as alone and unreasoned. Some will say I am not allowing others to experience what I have experienced. This is not true. I am trying to express my deep concern that people will be forever throwing away a true Canadian jewel, a birthright with this seemingly innocuous pitch to build real estate and infrastructure where it never was and should never be.

Michael A. Gigliotti

West Vancouver

Support for the teachers

I am an educator who supports our job action for a myriad of reasons, least of all the wage increases the media is continually mentioning as the main strike issue between the BCTF and the government. I think the main issue is the demise of actual support for public education that all citizens of this province should care about. After all, those little kids in my primary class are going to be voting in about 10 years time and will eventually become the ones who govern us. Let's hope their learning needs will be met and they will be making sound decisions in the future.

I think we all knew that not much was going to change on the education front and last Thursday I was back in the classroom educating my students because I am in charge of their future and I will do my best to prop up the disabled system public education has become. I will continue my role as an advocate for my students and their needs.

One issue I'd like to let the public know about — and I'm not sure they are aware of it — is how much of my personal money is spent in the classroom. This is money spent that cannot even be claimed as an expense on my tax returns. Many a cocktail lunch can be claimed by the private sector, but not the hundreds of dollars — spent through five or ten dollar purchases throughout the year — I find myself spending in order to make my lessons relevant. I noticed that the nurses' union placed a notice of support for the teachers in the Vancouver Sun (thank you), yet I doubt many nurses in this province spend their own money to provide bandages for their patients. Educators do (and these bandages are purely metaphoric). Perhaps if we were to strike one day a week the money saved by the government could be funnelled back into the underfunded system and as ludicrous as that may sound, it almost feels as though we're not too far away from such measures.