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A chip off the block

Griffith at Chateau with his latest works Saturday


Soapstone carver, Ted Griffith will park his haunches at the Mountain Gallery, in the Fairmont Chateau Whistler Saturday, Oct. 8. From 1 to 3p.m. Griffith will answer questions, and discuss his latest carvings, an orca and a grizzly bear.

Griffith is well known for his grizzly carvings. Each bear is filled with personality and character, carved out from soapstone. But he is excited about the orca.

"Ninety-five per cent of my work (is) bears, so whenever I get a commission for something else I relish the adventure. It was extremely exciting and re-energizing," Griffith said of his orca piece.

Griffith has also made a transition in substance. Rather then the Brazilian soapstone he usually works with, over 800 pounds of chlorite was carved away to create his latest work. Chlorite is a denser stone, making it challenging to carve.

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