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A case for greener cleaners

Closing the loop on what’s going down with what’s going down the drain



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Nature Clean products were first created some 35 years ago for the family’s matriarch, who was allergic to all kinds of things. Like all green cleaners, Nature Clean products offer a litany of positive attributes: they’re biodegradable (no petroleum-based ingredients here), cruelty-free, septic safe, hypoallergenic – the list goes on. They even offer a barbecue and oven cleaner (available at IGA and Nesters) that will let you stop using one of the most toxic substances around – traditional oven cleaner.

One of my favourite Nature Clean products is the Fruit & Veggie Wash (pesticide use has increased by more than 3,300 per cent since 1945, despite the efforts of people like Rachel Carson). And give their All Natural Kitchen & Bath Spray Cleaner a whirl. It’s made from lemon, orange and grapefruit peels, and works like a hot damn on grease and soap scum – plus it smells delicious.

Canadian-made BioVert products are also big sellers. Bruce Stewart, general manager at Nesters Market, swears by the laundry detergent, which is three times more concentrated than regular laundry soap.

For him, supplying and using environmentally friendly products isn’t just a business decision, it’s a philosophical one. So I’ll give him the last word: "It’s like we’re on a fast-speeding highway that’s going out of control and it’s not going to get better. So we have to be conscious and responsible about what we’re putting down the drain into our waters and into our Earth."

Glenda Bartosh is an award-winning freelance writer who looks forward to writing about the first hotel at Whistler to move to greener cleaners.

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