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A brand-new evening of bass

Production companies, DJs and visual artists join forces to put on a festival-style show at the GLC throughout the winter



What: Bass at the Base

When: Every Friday, starting Dec. 10

Where: GLC

Cost: $10

Full moon fans will be able to get their fill of Whistler's favourite summertime party scene, somewhat scaled down, this season, as the GLC begins to host a brand-new electronic night on Fridays.

Andrew Bowes has called Whistler home for almost eight years, and is known in the DJ community as &E and the owner of &Entertainment. A self-described "bedroom DJ" in Whistler for years, Bowes only recently began playing after-hours, outdoor shows around town during the summer months.

"I started collecting lighting equipment for their outdoor stuff, and I've got so much lighting equipment now that I wanted to keep it going all season long," he explained. "So I approached some local bars and asked them what they thought, and they really loved the idea of bringing that sort of a party indoors."

This winter, he's bringing the party into the village, designing a brand-new weekly party for the nightlife scene. Dubbed Bass at the Base, this new night focuses on bringing underground electronic music into clubs in a festival-style show with costumed characters, fire spinning, hula hooping, go-go dancing, live art and some serious sound, courtesy of SmoothSound.

This first week, the lineup includes &E (Solartribe), Miss Instigator, Woodhead (Homebreakin Records, Punchout Recordings) and MC Think Tank (Funk Weapons, Homebreakin Records) stepping to the decks.

"It's basically going to be an underground sort of feel, with regards to the music. We're not going to play any of the local club DJs, it's just going to be all underground outdoor party DJs and the really good bedroom DJs," he said.

"We're trying to provide an alternative scene. We don't want to go with more of the same, we want to do something completely different."

And music isn't the sole focal point: Bowes is also including plenty of visual spectacle in the show, including a one-of-a-kind, high-impact light show, and rotating art exhibits.

"People are so used to going into a club three or four nights a week and it being the same atmosphere. I'd like them to walk in and see it completely different and provide them with something fresh, something new," he said.

This week, glass artist Nicola Griffiths will be showing alongside Laurel Terlesky, digital artist Kevin Su, and Dave "Pepe" Petko.

"Bass at the Base is sort of like the extension of the festival environment you experience in the summertime when you go to some of these outdoor music festivals that have camping included and you stay for a few days," Bowes explained. "There's really a free, high energy there. Everyone is pretty open and everyone is very friendly and they welcome all different types of art and all different types of opinions."

Bowes is quick to point out that he isn't trying to start a movement or revolutionize the nightlife scene, he just wants to add something new and exciting, and thinks that some of the clubs are already heading in the right direction.

"I've seen a lot of good progress this coming calendar year already in the papers. There's a couple cool nights starting up: there's a Monday at Moe Joe's that's going to be a bass night, and DJ Phroh and his dubstep and jungle night that's been doing quite well, and that's really underground," he pointed out.

In addition to the new Bass at the Base night at the GLC, Bowes will also be hosting a weekly Wednesday night, dubbed "Underground Sounds" at Garfinkel's, featuring the same underground DJs, but a scaled-down visual arts component.

Anyone interested in finding out more about Bass at the Base, or getting involved with the new night, should check out the Bass at the Base Facebook page.