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A banner idea


It’s difficult not to miss the 3,000 square foot banner that’s now hanging off the scaffolding of the Westbrook hotel, which is currently under renovation.

But what might not be so obvious is the departure from the municipality’s old bylaws hanging this banner represents.

In the past this type of thing would have been impossible.

However, the municipality realized earlier this summer that steps had to be taken to protect the visual image of the resort during heavy construction periods and hanging banners was one way to accomplish that.

"It was in response to concerns expressed by local businesses," said Mike Kirkegaard, the senior planner for the RMOW.

"They’re having a tough year, and construction in Whistler has a significant impact on the visual appearance of the town.

"The new guidelines for construction site management…are to make the sites as aesthetically pleasing as possible."

There are guidelines as to how big sponsor logos can be, and banners will be held to an artistic standard.

The Blake Jorgensen picture on the Westbrook was selected by municipal staff and Westbrook management from more than 14 submissions by local photographers.

The banner, which celebrates the Whistler Summer Gravity Festival, was paid for by the sponsors and the municipality out of the Village Enhancement Fund and a fund for special events.

The banners are widely used in Europe, and have been recently appearing in Vancouver.