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99 things to do in Whistler

Spring Break special report



Whistler during Spring Break is the place to be and over the next few days Pique will provide you with details of Whistler's most popular spring time activities. Every day a new activity will be profiled and to start the series, we present the top 99.

Let's not split hairs, okay...

There are actually 109 things to do here. Top 10, Olympic 10 and 89 others. Consider it a bonus, a gift. Besides, you can't do 'em all while you're here. So maybe it's not such a gift. Maybe it's an inducement to attempt more than you can actually accomplish. Or maybe it's a devilish reason to come back.

The Top 10

1. Ski and Snowboard

How do you spell n-o b-r-a-i-n-e-r. Unless you're here on a conference and maybe even then \u8213 it's why you came, isn't it?

2. Sightseeing

There's lots to see even if you don't ski. Head up the mountain, cross the yawning gap on the Peak 2 Peak, try not to hurt your neck.

You're hungry, it's too late for lunch, too early for dinner. That's why we invented après. Après, you près, we all pray.

4. Lost Lake

Skinny ski around Lost Lake. Magical in the falling snow, even better at night... yes, there are lights.

5. Valley Trail

Walking's free and we've built a trail from one end of town to the other. Don't say we never did anything for you.

6. Shop

Not any particular shop but the activity itself. You know there's something you want. You know there's somebody at home.

7. Improve

Nothing will make you feel better than doing what you do better than you did. Take a lesson or book a camp. Learn whatcha don't know.

8. Eagle Watching

From November to February, eagles sitting in trees south of town, in Brackendale, look like black-&-white Christmas tree ornaments. Big, big ornaments.

9. Dine

Skiing makes you hungry. Lucky you. There are restaurants in town that'll make your tastebuds dance and make you happy you still have teeth.

10. Heliskiing

If you haven't been, you can't imagine how anything this much fun isn't illegal. It's not... really.

Olympic Top 10

1. Ring Toss

Everybody else has had their picture taken near, on or inside the Olympic Rings; you might as well too. They're on the south side of Whistler Olympic Plaza. And while you're there, wander over to the north side and pose in front of the Agitos, the Paralympic symbols.

2. Rattle Your Bones

Belly up to the Skeleton Sport Experience at the Whistler Sliding Centre. Slide down the ice head first on, well, a skeleton. Go on, double-dog dare you.

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