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8 ways to get her to come out and play

A girl’s guide for guys looking to build that hardcore relationship



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There are many women who have been put in this position, at no fault of their boyfriends. We want to share your interests and learn to bike well for our own reasons, but not every girl gets it on their first day.

Here's the thing, guys with their buddies will practically kill themselves to prove their manhood, suffering bruises and broken bones, before they would ever dare squelch on a challenge. Most women are NOT this way. We like to feel safe, in control, and most of all appreciated for putting ourselves out there for your critiquing (pedal down on the outside, knee out on the inside, lean in to corners....what? I thought we were going for a "nice ride").

The best advice is to take it easy at first and let us get comfortable with a sport that's new to us, or at a different level than we're used to (e.g. going from Lost Lake to the Bike Park).

Going first for a couple short, easy rides will guarantee future outings and a lot less frustration for both parties. It's great that you want us to ride at your level - after all, it only took you three broken arms, a fractured collar bone, and an ACL reconstruction to get to where you are. Of course on the first ride ever, we are going to be delighted to drop off your favorite cliff or cycle to Pemberton and back!


Here are a few tips to get your significant other into your sports.


1) Ask first before you plan. Find out if she would be interested in doing something with you (hint: tell her how much you would love to include her in this part of your life, women love hearing that stuff). Then mention there is this beautiful lookout that she just has to see. Sell her on the romance aspect...it's a sure bet.

2) Take your woman's lifestyle into consideration. If she's adventurous, she may be up for more than a shy and reserved person. If she has led a sheltered life versus having traveled the world it might require more or less prodding.

3) Go slow and don't suggest anything crazy (like hiking to the top of the Wedgemont Trail for sunset). Let her set the pace. Don't roll your eyes, bitch that you're not even breaking a sweat, or tell her that you will just ride ahead for a while to get some exercise. Remember the goal is to get her into your sport, not make her dump you for being a jerk.