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8 ways to get her to come out and play

A girl’s guide for guys looking to build that hardcore relationship



Ever been called an adrenaline junkie? Maybe an extreme sports fanatic, or maybe just a lunatic?

I'm sure you outdoorsy nuts out there have a screw loose that makes you want to ride Comfortably Numb on your mountain bike or jump off 20-foot drops while downhilling on Whistler.  For some reason the harder, the longer and the crazier the trail, the more you love it!

Deep underneath the crazy you do have something in common with normal people from the city (Gasp!) who would rather drive their BMWs to Starbucks for their morning non-fat, no foam, half-caf latté (no cooler than 115 degrees please) than do anything physical. You dream of finding a woman (and I'm talking to the guys here - the girls who are dropping 20-footers don't need help attracting guys) who lights up your life.

The person who completes you and makes your heart sing. The type of girl you could spend hours thinking about, one that would occupy your thoughts throughout the day.  Oh, the day when you met your match!

Did you ever think past that and wonder how you would incorporate that wondrous woman into all the different facets of your life? How the heck are you going to convince your new girlfriend to hike the Musical Bumps, or drop into a bowl full of fresh powder? How do you get your new girlfriend to come out and try your favorite sport? The answer: carefully!


Women can be fickle, some more sensitive than others, all needing similar things from you. Every woman likes a man to be patient, supportive and understanding, especially when pushing their comfort zones when trying new sports. These all sound like regular traits that most people have but in my experience and that of all my girlfriends, sometimes boyfriends forget the basics in the heat of the moment. You get all jazzed up that she finally let you suit her in downhill armor that you can't wait to show her just how hard you can ride. All of a sudden, the stories you've been telling her of the "dope" trails you've been riding and how "stoked" you are when you rip down A-Line come to life, as she becomes a part of your terrifying mountain experience. Meanwhile, her fingers have turned into eagle claws from gripping the brakes so hard, and in one petrified moment, she decides that she's done, and she is NEVER doing this again! Uh oh, what have you done?


My dad was in this very same position a few years back. He is a very experienced cyclist and was delighted when he met the right woman. On their second date, he thought it would be a nice gesture to get her a gift to show her how much he cared. Any ideas what he got her? Cycling shorts! She was a city girl through and through and thought it was the most ridiculous gift ever (she and her girlfriends we very puzzled at his gesture, while my dad's cycling buddies were patting him on the back for such a great idea!) Somehow he managed to squeak out some sort of explanation and dropped the subject of wanting to ride his bike from Vancouver to Calgary.