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70 Questions About Canada



What was invented by Chris Haney and Scott Abbott in Montreal in 1979?

Where was the original Bluenose schooner built?

Who won best new artist at the 2003 Juno Awards?

What year did Maple Leaf forward Bill Barilko disappear and what year was he found? According to the Tragically Hip song 50 Mission Cap, what else happened in both those years?

Who sings the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald?

What year did the Edmund Fitzgerald sink in Lake Superior?

What Canadian actor has played an idiot, a lawyer, god, the star of a reality TV show and a detective?

In the movie Strange Brew, what beer company did Bob and Doug McKenzie work for? BONUS: What’s the name of their dog?

The world’s first documentary film was shot in Canada in 1922 by filmmaker Robert Flaherty. What was the name of that film?

What is the national animal of Canada?

What animal is on the back of the Toonie?

The "spirit bear" lives in the rainforests of B.C. What is the proper name of the spirit bear and how is this bear different from black bears?

What is the name of the red-haired orphan from Prince Edward Island made famous by Lucy Maude Montgomery?

Canadian author Yann Martel won the Booker Prize in 2002 for his story of a boy from India who journeys to Canada. What’s the name of the book?

Who wrote the Deptford Trilogy (Fifth Business, The Manticore, and World of Wonders)?

What Canadian art-rock band recently released an album with a song titled "Satan is the Whistler"?

What Robert Service ballad told of a queer sight on the marge of Lake Lebarge?

What Canadian entertainer won a recent battle with testicle cancer, then invited his cameras along on his search for a prosthetic?

What Vancouver songwriter wished he had a rocket launcher?

Under CanCon regulations, the CRTC sets a minimum for radio stations regarding the amount of Canadian Content they must include in their programming. Is it 20 %? 25%? 30 %? Or 35%?


What is Pekwachnamaykoskwaskwaypinwanik Lake’s claim to fame?

Where is the RCMP Museum and Barracks?

One of Canada’s heroes, young Terry Fox, started a westward run across Canada from St. John’s to Victoria to support cancer research. Where did Fox stop running after the cancer appeared in his lungs? BONUS: What was the run called?

What is Alberta’s top tourist attraction with over 22 million guests annually?