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5 Peaks draws 430 runners to Blackcomb

Fast times on new course



The late snowpack and the organizers' decision to move their race to south-facing trails on Blackcomb didn't have much of an impact on registration for the Whistler 5 Peaks Trail Run on Saturday, with 430 athletes competing in both Enduro and Sport categories.

The course had slightly less vertical gain than the usual grunt up to Little Whistler, but times were actually a little bit slower to show how tough the high-alpine challenge really was. The Enduro racers went to Overlord Trail and up to Blackcomb Lake via the Lakeside Loop, out to Decker Loop, back to Marmot trail via Overlord, up Marmot to the 7th Heaven Road and then back to the Rendezvous Lodge via the Alpine Walk. The total distance was 10.6-kilometres, same as the usual Whistler course. Sport runners went 6.5km, which was slightly longer.

The top three runners in the Enduro were all in the Male 20 to 29 race, with Jakub Sumbera of Fairmont Hot Springs in first in 46:13, followed by Shaun Stephens-Whale of Roberts Creek in 57:09 and Edward McCarthy of Vancouver in 1:01:35.

The top three female runners weren't too far behind. Vancouver's Stephanie Hamilton was fifth overall and first among women in 1:04:31 - as well as first in the women's 30 to 39 category. Care Wakely gave her a run for her money for top female, finishing sixth overall and second among women in 1:05:18. She was also first in women's 20 to 29. The third female was Cindy Kelly of Buffalo, New York, who was 10th overall and first in the 40 to 49 age category in 1:08:28.

Whistler's Ashley McMillan, who will be racing 80 km this weekend in the Sears Great Canadian Run, probably took it a bit easy but still finished as the top local 11th overall in 1:09:28. He was also third in male 30 to 39.

Mark Schmidt was 16th overall and fifth in male 20 to 29 in 1:11:29.

Wes Feagan was 17th overall and fourth in male 40 to 49 in 1:12:12.

Ricky McMillen was 21st overall and sixth in male 20 to 29 in 1:15:16.

Michael Adams of Whistler was eighth in Male 20 to 29 in 1:17:18.

Hannah Garcia was second in female 30 to 39 in 1:18:54.

Walter Wallgram was third in male 50 to 59 in 1:21:34.

Nils Robinson was 14th in male 30 to 39 in 1:22:00.

Barry McClure was sixth in male 50 to 59 in 1:23:39.

Leah Trudeau was eighth in female 20 to 29 in 1:27:13.