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2010 Winter Games will cost the taxpayer millions



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Bid Corporation chairman John Furlong described the bid book as the "backbone of our bid."

"It’s the document we get our energy from. The book is the plan but it in a way defines us, it defines who we are and defines our overall strategy."

Bid competitors Salzburg, Austria and Pyeongchang, Korea, have also released their bid books at home. Both should be on the Web this week.

Salzburg is projecting their Games will cost $1.35 billion, a little less than Vancouver’s Games.

About $325 million will be spent on building new buildings and refurbishing others according to Salzburg’s bid. Vancouver expects to spend $620 million.

There will be a $34 million athlete’s village at Kitzbuhel developed by private partners. After the Games it would become a hotel.

Vancouver’s bid includes two athletes villages – one at the mouth of the Callaghan Valley which would become employee restricted housing post Games, and the other in False Creek in Vancouver. A portion of which would become subsidized housing.

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