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2010 sites on track, up to environmental snuff

VANOC updates Whistler on venue construction



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Planned work for 2007: Complete the track structure, install track systems such as lighting, timing, television and PA system, and complete all buildings, access roads and site servicing.

“2007 is our third and final year of construction,” said project manager Jan Jansen.

“Our goal is to finish everything this year, and to be making ice next winter.”

Because of the amount of clearing on site, one of the main concerns has been water quality around the site. Some of the sediment and erosion control systems did not function as well as expected, resulting in the installation of a new system.

As well, the snowmaking reservoir on Fitzsimmons Creek has been acting as a sediment pond for the project, which is a temporary measure. The areas impacted by the installation of the track will be planted over once construction is complete, and all roads will be paved to eliminate sediment issues.

All of the vegetation debris was also composted in Squamish, overloading the collection system there. As a result 10 per cent of the material was used for hog fuel. None of the material was burned, as is common for large developments.

Although there have been concerns about the amount of ammonia required by the refrigeration system, Jansen says the facility will meet all the provincial operating requirements, and was developed with input from Whistler Fire Services.

“It’s a closed system, no different than any other refrigeration system,” he said. “We’ve met every safety and environmental requirement.”


Whistler Nordic Centre

Status after 2006: Construction of major access roads, parking and compounds has been completed for both the north and south sites, and 12 km of competition ski trails and 3 km of spectator trails have been completed. The biathlon shooting range was also completed, as well as most of the ski jump landing hill. Other facilities nearing completion include buildings, the water reservoir, ski jump foundations and ski jump judge’s tower foundations, as well as all site servicing.

Planned work for 2007: All buildings and trails will be completed, including the main building that will function as the day skier lodge — built to LEED silver standards. The ski jump will also be completed, as well as trail lighting, the remaining bridges on ski trails and roads, the wastewater and water treatment plant, and electricity and communications infrastructure. The goal is to have everything operational for next winter, when the venue will host the national cross-country championships.