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12 beers of Christmas

Part 1



With the festive season upon us Pique thought it might be fun to offer beer selections for the holidays. All the brews are available locally — indeed some are only available here. Enjoy them responsibly and never drink and drive

1/ 5-Rings IPA

Brewhouse High Mountain Brewing Co. | Whistler, B.C.

Brewmaster Derrick Franche managed to nab Best IPA (India Pale Ale) at this year's B.C. Beer Awards, displacing the usual provincial favourites Driftwood Fat Tug IPA and Central City Brewing's Red Racer IPA. Centennial and Amarillo hops contribute to a very bitter aftertaste, not for the light beer pansies. Available only at the Brewhouse.

2/ Doughhead Gingerbread Ale

Vancouver Island Brewery | Victoria, B.C.

A kind of crossover between winter baking and beer brewing, the Doughhead Gingerbread Ale brings ginger, spice all things nice with a smooth and pleasant aftertaste. It does not pair with sweet desserts as well as some of the other beers listed, though you can't go wrong with gingerbread washed gingerbread ale. Available at Nester's Liquor Store and B.C. Liquor stores.

3/ Winter Dunkel

Whistler Brewing Co. | Whistler, B.C.

An almost sickly-sweet aroma emerges from the glass of the Winter Dunkel, now in its third year at the Whistler Brewing Company. Hints of dark chocolate, orange zest and coriander all dance on the palate, an excellent dessert beer. Available during the holidays at BC liquor Stores and the Taphouse in Function Junction until it sells out.

4/ Chocolate Imperial Stout

Granville Island Brewing Co. | Vancouver, B.C.

The strong imperial stout flavours are offset by roast malts, cocoa, coffee and dried fruit to make a formidable strength beer without overpowering the palate. Perfect for cold winter nights by the fireplace. Available at Nesters and B.C. Liquor stores.

5/ Blackberry Porter

Cannery Brewing Co. | Penticton, B.C.

A rich, traditional porter with fruity aromas. Dark and strong, the fruitiness can seem a bit overpowering towards the end of the bottle but still a refreshing drink. Easy sipping for a perfect winter nightcap. Available at Nesters and B.C. Liquor stores.

6/ Russian Imperial Stout

Brewhouse High Mountain Brewing Co. | Whistler, B.C.

First brewed by the English in the 18th Century to impress the court of Catherine the Great of Russia, the high alcohol content will stymie freezing and spoilage during the long, cold wagon ride from London to St Petersburg. Pouring as thick as motor oil, this dark and bold beer needs to be sipped and not gulped. The strong flavour compliments a rich and chocolatey dessert. Available only at the Brewhouse.

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