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11-cent burgers breaking records

Tom Horler and his staff at Whistler McDonalds are on track to blow every burger record they have set out of their deep fryers, and in doing so raise some eyebrows in the head offices of McDonald’s Canada.



Last week Horler declared that he would be celebrating his store’s 11 th anniversary with 11 cent burgers for the first 11 days of November.

The response, according to Horler, has been "unbelievable", even compared to last year when he was selling 10 cent hamburgers to celebrate his restaurant’s 10 th anniversary.

Hundreds of people have been lined up at the store from opening to close, ordering 10 burgers to eat, which is the limit, and then many people order more burgers to take home and freeze.

At lunch on Tuesday, which is measured between noon and 1 p.m., Horler recorded a 12 per cent increase in money sales from the same period last year. The Whistler McDonald’s sold 17,000 burgers in 10 days last November.

"Are you a betting man?" asked Horler.

"Because we could sell over 30,000 burgers if this keeps up."

Youth outreach workers in Whistler report a large influx of young people in recent weeks, many of whom have yet to find winter jobs. The influx has also been felt at the Whistler food bank.