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10 years of food, wine and friends

Cornucopia celebrates anniversary



By Nicole Fitzgerald

What: Cornucopia

When: Thursday, Nov. 9 to Sunday, Nov. 12

Where: Whistler

What started out as a vehicle to promote Whistler’s dining scene has grown to a village-wide celebration of food, wine and friends with wine tastings, winemaker dinners, parties and seminars. Cornucopia, Whistler’s biggest wine and food festival, is celebrated Thursday, Nov. 9 to Sunday, Nov. 12. This year, Cornucopia uncorks a decade of celebrations, and like all good wines, the festival just gets better with age.

“I think it has grown from a small regionally focused festival to a festival showcasing North Americas best wines and Whistler’s best culinary scene,” said Darlene Small of Tourism Whistler. “When you look at how 13 fine dining restaurants are able to host such high caliber winemaker dinners, it really shows how both the festival and the culinary scene has grown.”

Although community driven, the festival’s outreach has traveled down the Sea to Sky corridor and overseas as more and more food and party revelers catch on to this bustling festival centralized in the buzz of Whistler Village. Visiting media has grown from 40 to 90 this year with foodies flying in from Calgary, Toronto, L.A. and New York to see what Whistler’s fine dining scene is all about.

There is something for everyone’s palate and pocketbook at the festival with cocktail dress events overlapping with jeans-fare affairs. Pay as much as $300-plus for a winemaker dinner or $30 for a community party. There is no excuse not to join in the fun. Whether you are a swish and swirl first timer or veteran connoisseur, there is plenty to discover and celebrate.

Most seminars and wine tasting events take place at the Telus Conference Centre. See www.whistlercornucopia.com for details.


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