Day 108 or Day 11 On the Road



We left Banff at a very respectful hour considering our destination was Kamloops. Before we left we had what everyone must do at least once in their lifetime: The Banff Springs Breakfast Buffett. Considering my wing mate had not any dinner the night before he had a total recovery and took full advantage of every food station they had. We now were completed fuelled up and ready for our voyage through the Rockies on our way to Kamloops. Going through those Rockies was quite the experience remembering the days we cycled up those mountains, riding on those shoulder-less roads and the narrow snow tunnels, and wondering how we did it. We did it because we had our adrenaline flowing and our determination on high. We had set out on this challenge and we were going to complete this task no matter what.

Looking back at this, it was a bit daunting but it brought back those moments when I did not think I could get over that mountain. When I then realized I had my two angels on my shoulders nothing would stop me. We pulled into the campground that we had stayed at on our way out in May. Beside the campground is the BC Wildlife park that I decided I wanted to go see. Once again I was too late so I took off on a walk. Sitting in an RV for 11 days is a bit of challenge considering you have being biking almost every day for 3 months. I hope the muscle memory kicks in when we take on our last challenge from Vancouver to Whistler in a few days. As I walked back to the campground I met a lovely women who asked what ENOUGH is ENOUGH is about. I told her and she told me why she was here. She and a few friends had just completed in the BC Senior Games. She told me how some of the competitors were in their 80s and 90s. She said just being around these amazing seniors going beyond their comfort zone was truly inspirational. Her parting words to me as we left that I should consider entering next time in the cycling category. Hey, you never know! I love challenges.

I went back to the campground and started to prepare our last BBQ that Quinn and I would have together. As I was outside a couple came up to me and asked me what the RV was all about. I told them and they then shared their story with me. Their daughter had lost her battle with mental illness 3 years ago. She had suffered for 25 years. She was 43. They shared their journey through the frustrations of trying to get appropriate help, the stigma associated with the disease and how they had tried but it was just so hard to see their beautiful girl suffer so much for so many years. I gave them a gift of my book and a big hug as we now were connected. I always remember what my friend once said to me: “Those of us who have lost a child speak a different language,” and it's so true. That child can be 17, 23 or 43: they are still your children.

Quinn and I had a lovely dinner knowing it would be our last together. We shared stories and we reflected the past 3 months and how we have a bond that will be there forever. How fortunate we are to have been able to share this time together and to learn so much from each other. We said our good nights, me to watch another episode of the Orange is the New Black and Quinn to do the dishes! Tomorrow would be the day we returned home. I would see Kerry again. I miss him. We are soul mates and soul mates need to be connected. Tomorrow we will.