Day 101 or Day 8 On The Road



After our great party with friends and family last night I knew I only had one more full day in Winnipeg which I wanted to take full advantage of. The day started perfectly with a wonderful massage at the Fort Garry Hotel Spa that our friends Ian and Colleen Ross had so generously arranged for me. My dear friend Clare picked me up and off we went to the Victoria hospital to see Kerry beautiful Mother Dodie. She is such a wonderful women who has given so much to so many over her lifetime but to see her go through the stages of old age is always hard for all of us. The good news is she was doing a lot better than a few days ago. Clare and I met our other great friend Tammy at the Boston Pizza for lunch. Clare said that was a great place to go as they had VLTs. Not really knowing what those were all about I was game for anything because for me it was all about being with my friends. It seemed those girls knew what they were doing as we each walked out of there with just about $100.00 in our pockets. I kept on saying "Let's cash out, let's cash out!" Thank heavens they finally listened to me as our winnings could be considerable less as those two were ready to go for bust! Clare and I went on too have a visit with her Mom who was set up in a lovely retirement home on the Red River. Quinn had taken the starfish into see Dodie and when he returned he too had a smile on his face. He had picked up a scratch and win ticket and won $300! The stars seemed to be aligned for the Road crew that day for sure.

That night was spent with my family, eating leftovers from all the great meals we had, watching Board Walk Empire and hitting the sack very early as we were planning on getting up at 4.30am so we could be on the road by 5am as we were destined for Calgary to reunite with more Dennehy's. Quinn whipped into town to see a few friends that evening but knew he had the 4.30am wake up call so it would not be a long evening. It is always sad for me to leave Winnipeg. This is the place where my wonderful Mom and Dad are, and so many special family members as well as dear friends, but I know I still have not completed what I have set out to do and I will always be back again. Winnipeg is in my bones and as much as I love living on the west coast, I know I will always be a "Pegger " at heart.

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