Day 95: Ginny and Quinn - on the Road Home



Quinn and I took off after lots of hugs from our fellow bikers, Kerry, Sue and Daryl. It was a bit weird, just the two of us, but we have a job to do… take the Starship and Starfish home. We knew we had a hard day ahead, not only the 900 km of driving but we had the ferry to catch at 3:30 am, and with no cabin confirmed, it was going to be a long day and night. We stopped in at the Sobey's to pick up some basic supplies so we could have dinner in the line up before we started boarding at 1:30 am. Brutal, yes. Quinn and I made the decision we were just going to stay in the RV. For all those BC ferry guys they would think no big deal but in the Maritimes - no, no, no, everyone on deck. No one is allowed to stay in their car - but we decided we would take the risk of getting caught versus sitting in a chair for 6 hrs and then have to drive 800 kms today. Our plan worked...except I kept on waking up from a dream thinking they had come in and found us. I said to Quinn in the morning, "did someone come in last night and give us a fine for staying in the RV?" Quinn looked at me and I could see by the expression in his eyes, this is going to be a long ride back with my aunt - she is already losing it.

That night before we went to bed we decided we needed some good tactics to keep us going for this long trip. We decided we would try audio books. Quinn has always wanted to read Ulysses by James Joyce - a bit heavy, but I said okay, but let's try our first audio book with something a bit lighter. So we downloaded a Lee Child Jack Reacher book. We were set for the day. I could see my dear nephew was taking care of me, as the first CD he put on was Michael Buble. What a sport!

This morning when the people started coming to get into their cars we knew we could come out from our hiding spot. Off the ferry looking for a breakfast spot, a lovely cafe in Baddeck filled us up for our morning drive. It was so interesting now to be going backwards and seeing some of the hills we had climbed and the beautiful scenery we saw. We started off with Jack Reacher and after about 40 minutes we needed a break. It was getting on to be 11:30 when Quinn's favourite CBC Radio 1 show comes on - The Debators. Well as you can guess we were out of zone to get it on the radio but the smart people that we are, we had downloaded the CBC Radio App on my iPad and we are now ready for a total CBC trip! Good news is we both like to listen to it.

Quinn did an amazing job driving. I have so much respect for him doing the major portion of the driving load when we were cycling, going sometimes 25-30 kms an hour. But now to drive for 8 hours plus, straight, pretty good. My job is to keep him occupied which I think we will do fine. I must admit its really hard to just sit. "Quinn can you stop so I can get out and ride? I miss it!" We finally found our campground just outside of Fredericton. A major rainstorm/tornado hit us just before we arrived. Wow, can it rain in these Maritimes!!!

Tonight we do a little laundry, Quinn has his cod to eat and me, well sorry folks, I'm still a salmon girl. It will be an early night as we are pretty tired plus we are heading for Laval, Quebec tomorrow, which is over 800 kms.

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