Day 87: Storied Cape Breton, so Scottish, Even the Lobsters Wear Kilts




Off with our big keen crew after a fresh fruit breakfast at Lynn's inn. Before we leave Gin and I are interviewed by the local papers. We are headed for Baddeck, a sea side town, actually on a saltwater lake called Bras D'Or Lake, the largest saltwater lake in the country. Of course it's fed by the mighty Atlantic through small channels and for this reason, the tides are almost non existent. Gin and her new partner, expert Gran Fondo biker Darrell, eat up the asphalt. It's a show off day, brilliant blues skies and a strong westerly pushing the duo along the shoulder. Before I can finish my blog it's our turn and I jump on my bike feeling somewhat like a plain Jane, beside the colourful spandexed to the 9's, Susan Rea. She has brought her bike all the way here via, cab, airplane and bus, to the Cape, but she rides Gin's Norco, while the mechanics work on the assembly of her mount.

We have fun chatting, toiling up hills and zipping down their backsides. I stop after our 30 km stretch ends after a big downhill, but Sue is well behind. On her descent her front tire pops and although she brakes properly has a snag getting unclipped and scrapes her knee on the guardrail. Welcome to the club Sue, now a true blood brother! We lunch at a roadside bakery and after alternating riders again roll into Baddeck with big red crayfish on our mind. This long weekend is regatta weekend and driving down the main drag is as busy as driving Banff Avenue. The harbour is full of sail and power boats and the whole place is jumpin' - so much so that the local fish market is all sold out of lobsters. Plan B is grilled rib eye and scallops, as my pal always says, "Wonder what the poor people are doing today".

We enjoy a boondoggle, when Quinn shanghais the rig down a dead end while we wait curb side with all the groceries. We can't back it up with the Starfish on the dolly, so Q makes a bold corporate Board decision to do a big circle across a guy's front lawn. Shortly after, the seconders are picked up and we are back down the road to our campground, Adventures East. Sue and D. have booked a small cabin and we pull the rig up to a spot beside them. Ahhh, another pool to wash away the days toil and cool the skin. Showers, dinner prep, Ian working on a fire, the site is a hub of activity. Morale is high after a day together proclaimed to be a big success. Narry a mosquito anywhere, we seat ourselves at a picnic table and tuck into our some fine fare. The highlight however is Quinn's homemade clam chowder (see day 85), swimming with hand caught bar clams and chalk full of creamy PEI new potatoes. No leg pulling, best chowder on the trip so far, bar clam, I mean bar none. A big party is out of the question. We have to tackle some rolling hills tomorrow and have had enough for one day. As we like to say, "Enough is Enough."

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