Day 79: From Wolfville to Halifax, with an escort



Reinforcements arrive this AM for our ride into Halifax in the form the two Grant boys, my second cousins removed, named George and Charlie. They were driven from Halifax by their mom Liz and a friend who will be the lead escort car. These Grants are not bike savvy but leap on the saddle and take to it in no time. We say adieu to the Dorans and are soon churning up the turnpike.

Despite an easterly, the gaggle makes pretty good time, until it’s my turn. As usual easterlies bring the weather, and in minutes we are tracking against a pounding rain. Charlie has a tough time until he trades his fathers old Italian steel bike in for his fathers new Cannondale. His ego is reinstated as he leads the pack, almost catching Keenan who wants one last crack at the road before we tuck him into an airplane, Wednesday night.

We arrive at my sister Darcy and husband David's place and get ready for a book reading set for 7 PM. The tiny bookstore produces zero turnout, but Rob and Liz are there, so it's fun catching up. We return home and all grab a bite a short walk from there. Tomorrow is hectic, jam packed and all business.

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