Day 77: Crossing the Bay of Fundy into Nova Scotia



It's pretty well an off day for us as we don't have to catch out ferry until 12. Ahhh, luxury. We change our alarms from 6.30 to 9AM. Weaving through the narrow streets of St Johns we are soon in the hurry up and wait line. The 3 hr. passage is spent relaxing and reading. As you can see from the photo, the dawgs could have a nap during a Cape Canaveral (guess it's Kennedy now) launch (strapped to the rocket.) The hamlet of Digby is known for it's scallop fishery and soon we are tying into kabobs and chowders, par magnifique. All this seafood seems to go so well with a dark beer or a Chardonnay that we go with the flow. A walk up the Main Street in and out of the little souvenir shops completes our visit and we're off to our campground.

Weather is spitting rain so we pass on the pool, but get into the spirit of the place later, kind of caught up in the hoopla. The place is huge and being a Saturday night, everyone seems to be in a party mood. There are lots of fires going, bingo if you can dig it, a spirited bunch of old gals selling 50/50 tickets, fireworks, the whole deal. We haven't had a fire in a while so I trudge back with a load of wood, hang up our new Chinese lanterns and we're "all in". Several campers are interested in our cause and come by to talk, so bit by bit we spread the word. Temps warm up and here's no skitters, so we set up our picnic table near the fire and enjoy a yummy whole wheat seafood and sautéed mushroom pasta dish, followed by a Kahlua, tea and a cookie. Just right!