Day 72: Goodby St. Laurence. We Peel Southward




The first part of the day from our camp spot to Rivere de Loop was fantastic riding. A bright sunny day combined with strong westerlies made for 30 km average speeds. Gin was so, "one with her bike", she didn't want to get off, so we both continued into the town. After lunch it was a different story. Turning south away from the river we were soon in country reminiscent of Northern Ontario. Back to the grind of long hills, swirling winds, horseflies and moose warnings. At one point I looked over and saw a place called The Jasper Motel and began to wonder what was going on.

After a long day in and out of road construction, my fifth flat tire and a big grocery shop, we made our campground. It was a pleasant spot on a nice lake, just out of the town of Degelis, Quebec. The temp had warmed up considerably and we took a dip in their refreshing pool. Steelhead trout on the BBQ went well with the stir-fried green beans, cashews and mushrooms. Perfect temperatures and no bugs made for a well-deserved rest.

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