Day 71: "On the Road Again"



Beautiful breakfast is included at The Cafe Kreighoff. Espresso and eggs Bene Norweigan for moi and Gin can be in Moose Jaw and the order is the always the omelette. I shouldn't make fun of that omelette though. Quelle omelette! We pick up the lads who are there, wavering curb side, but on time. Off to get the Starship at the garage and it seems to be fixed alright, something of a crapshoot leaving tour vehicle in foreign lands with folks you don't know. If you've travelled all over though you'll agree that if you can set the tone with a little humour, friendship, and panache, most react favourably and fairly.

The weather was different. A high had moved in and sky's were blue, but the temp dropped 10-12 degrees down to 23 (nice for us carbon riders). A good backing wind whisked us along, veritable human spinnakers we were. We both rolled through Quebec hayfields, corn, horse and dairy farms, all the way with picturesque views of the St. Laurence, off our left brow. It was quite the bike route attracting many cyclists, no doubt because of the wide shoulders and, as mentioned, the quaint countryside. (Big side benefit of biking all you who don't own carbon....yet). On this pleasant Sunday the remainder of the traffic was motorcyclists, cars and plenty of campers. Roadside cafes abounded as did garage and antique sales, fresh produce, a boat a vendre, here a car or ATV, a vendre there.

We rolled into our campground at Rivelle-Oumlette about 5 and took a dip in the pool that seemed chilly, as the temp had dropped. One nice touch tonight was someone in the campground had walked by our rig and emailed how proud they were to be in the same campground with us. Ok, we all love to be flattered, but this kind of thing keeps us going. Just a day before we were in an ice cream shop and an old Frenchman who had noticed our van, came over and heartily shook our hands with his best wishes. Same deal.

Quinn and I started a game of Scrabble, but after juicy lamb burgers, we thought we'd all end the evening with a cuppa tea, a cookie and a book.