Day 62: Along the St.Laurence up to Quebec City



Set out from Trois Rivieres in cooler weather, for a nice cycle with peak-a-boo views of the big river to our south. The channel along the southerly side must be deep to get those big freighters downstream to Montreal, because some parts of the St. Laurence we passed looked like you could walk to the other side it was so shallow. The road was tres bien, made for cyclists with a good shoulder and many fellow cyclists we did pass. We did lunch, roadside as we usually do, in the Starship, hydrated by copious cold drinks.

Our day was multi-tasking all the way, as we had to reserve the Mothership at a garage for repairs (brake pads and windshields wiper motor repairs) and have the job done for an early Sunday AM takeoff. To our relief we had fixed the front A/C unit on the RV and so were guaranteed of cool sleeps from now on. While it was in the shop Friday, we couldn't exactly sleep in it, so planned a hotel for Gin and I and a hostel for the dawgs in Old Quebec City, Friday and Saturday.

We arrived at the KOA in time for a cool dip and noshed on a delightful specialty that, yes, you can try at home. Imagine a Canadian, no American, to be truthful a small American sized football. This football is two juicy fillets of salmon tied up with string like a prime rib roast, stuffed with a creamy shrimp and spinach filling. It came in a foil tray and I just sealed the top part in tinfoil, ten minutes per side and your crew is guaranteed not to mutiny that night. Night everyone. God Bless.

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